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Salvation Army Thrift Stores are Closing?

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We have all been there. To donate, find something for a costume party, school project or just to find a bargain; and many have received aid from the Salvation Army in times of need or natural disasters such as our California fires.

It was great that the proceeds went to help those in need. Unfortunately, due to rising cost of doing business, they will be closing several locations of their thrift stores in Northern California.  Auburn, Grass Valley, Sacramento and Woodland stores are all scheduled to close by early fall 2019. Another icon of our past is going away and will certainly be missed.

The Salvation Army Rehabilitation and Shelter facilities will remain open. The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center in Sacramento will be relocating and merging with the Rehabilitation Center in Stockton. This appears to be part of Salvation Army’s overall plan to merge some of the larger rehabilitation centers.

Many Salvation Army retail stores have closed in recent years as the organization restructures its funding strategies. Stores have also closed in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, and Colorado.

Store employees in most locations will be given severance packages or offered alternative job opportunities with the Salvation Army.

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