When is the Medicare supplement enrollment period

During your “Open Enrollment” window with Medicare, you can apply for coverage without answering any health questions or having a medical review done.  The Open Enrollment Period (OEP), is six months before your Medicare Part B goes into effect and 6 months after the Medicare B effective date.  (The Medicare Part B effective date is usually the first day of the month in which you turn 65).  During this window, you are guaranteed acceptance; which is called “Guaranteed Issue”.

After your Open Enrollment window has passed, you will need to qualify for a Medicare Supplement by having a medical review done.  You are protected under the Guaranteed Issue right within the Open Enrollment Period.  You should be purchasing a Medicare Supplement plan at that time.

There are gaps in your Original Medicare coverage with both part A (Hospital) benefits and Part B (referred to as copayments, coinsurance and deductibles) that you are responsible for paying. That’s where Medicare Supplement Insurance can help. Sometimes called Medigap or MedSup; Medicare Supplement Insurance will fill those gaps that Original Medicare does not cover.  These plans may be purchased through private insurance companies. 

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